Refresh Ukrainian Creative Awards

3 February 2020

Refresh Ukrainian Creative Awards

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition brought together young professionals to update Ukrainian Creative Awards and turn into Ukrainian Creative Stories.


The speed with which everything in our world is changing is really cosmic. What seemed innovative yesterday threatens to become hopelessly obsolete if you don’t pour fresh blood into it, and do not feed new ideas literally every minute. Everything is changing, but the advertising market is changing the fastest. Because it sets the tone and creates trends. And then everyone else is being pulled up. 


Ukrainian Creative Awards is a platform that brought together the most famous festivals in the advertising market of Ukraine and the most creative people in the country to raise creativity to the rank of a national idea – today it is becoming even more creative. The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition attracted several teams of young specialists with a new look at events and festivals to update the project.


razom communications 


“The most striking events began to gradually change the format. The advertising market is no exception. Today at festivals there is not only specialized content, but also entertainment. In our opinion, such an approach is the most promising and will attract both advertisers and just creative people from all over Ukraine. ”




“Ukrlogika combines technology and creativity in marketing. We are happy to make our contribution to the development of the creative IT industry and make sure that the festival update is technologically and effectively. Nothing is impossible, especially in IT.”


Flow Communications 


“We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Ukrainian Creative Stories project. It is a great honor and great responsibility to do events and advertising for people who specialize in events and advertising. The level sets as a high, but we are confident that we will succeed”


Doris Advertising


“Being constant participants in the events of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition in various qualities - from spectators to prize-winners - we were enthusiastically accepted the invitation to become partners in the design support of the new format of the festival.  “Ukrainian Creative Stories” is the most important event for the Ukrainian advertising market, branding and identity are among the core competencies of Doris Advertising and we will make every effort to present the festival update at the proper level”


First of all, the Ukrainian Creative Awards changes its name: since 2020, the annual event will be called Ukrainian Creative Stories.


Follow news and updates of Ukrainian Creative Stories. Young teams and All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition promise to gradually introduce us to their ideas that they want to translate into Ukrainian Creative Stories.

02 June 2020

Results for video production companies based on the results of the Ukrainian Creative Awards 2020

All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition has announced the results of Ukrainian Creative Awards 2020 contests for production companies in Ukraine.

01 June 2020

National Ranking of Creativity and Craft of Communication Agencies 2020

All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition announced results of the National Ranking of Creativity and Craft of Communication Agencies 2020. ISD Group became the Most Creative Communication Agency in Ukraine.

29 May 2020

Results of WOW DONE AWARDS 2020

The International Festival of Marketing and PR Communications WOW DONE AWARDS 2020 has announced the results. The Grand Prix of the festival got the project #Date_With_Art, created by Postmen.