Ukrainian Creative Awards and today's stories

12 March 2020

Ukrainian Creative Awards and today's stories

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, as the organizer of the Ukrainian Creative Stories (UCS), announces that entries submission of Kyiv International Advertising Festival, WOW DONE AWARDS, Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of 2020 and ADC*UA Awards is ongoing as planned.  


Nowadays we don’t have and we will not have any changes in the timing of entries submission or any other issues that are related to the contest part of the KIAF.


About 400 entries have been submitted to the contests after the first deadline. The number of entries is constantly increasing.


The organizing committee guarantees that all contest entries in 2020 will be judged by the jury in accordance with the rules and requirements of the contest program.


At the same time, the organizing committee is actively monitoring international and national situations with COVID-19. It is not yet clear situation with offline events (conference, seminars, presentations, parties, etc.). But we will keep updating you with details.


Currently, the organizing team continues to work on the project and actively consult agencies and companies that submit entries.


We would like to remind you that the National ranking of creativity and craft of communication agencies of Ukraine of 2020 season will be formed on the results of the Ukrainian Creative Awards (creative contests that belong to UCS). According to the results of UCS, the Ukrainian creative season 2020 will be completed and the names of the most creative agencies of Ukraine will be announced.


To take part in the contest program, participant need register on the websites та and upload their creative projects till April 24, but until April 5 there are special fees.


Please, contact the organizing committee for any questions: (+38 044) 490-90-30,,


Ukrainian Creative Stories is a new platform that brings together all the activities of the Ukrainian creative sphere under one roof. This important event show honors the best creative talent and groundbreaking work across many different creative disciplines, from ad commercials to digital advertising, from graphic design to illustration, from marketing communications to PR, etc., to bring the creativity to the level of Ukrainian national idea. UCS has combined professional contests of Ukrainian Creative Awards: 2 international contests – Kyiv International Advertising Festival and WOW DONE AWARDS, 2 national contests – ADC*UA Awards and Ukrainian Design: The Very Best Of.

09 June 2020

Ukrainian Creative Stories backstage 2020

Backstage of Ukrainian Creative Stories 2020 that took place on May 28-29.

04 June 2020

Ukrainian Creative Stories 2020 on YouTube channel Unpacking Ads

The program of Ukrainian Creative Stories 2020 with winners’ announcements of Ukrainian Creative Awards 2020 and video stories from leading communication agencies of Ukraine is published on YouTube channel Unpacking Ads.

02 June 2020

Results for video production companies based on the results of the Ukrainian Creative Awards 2020

All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition has announced the results of Ukrainian Creative Awards 2020 contests for production companies in Ukraine.