Digitalization. Digital activities at UCS

26 February 2020

Digitalization. Digital activities at UCS

Ukrlogika talked about digital developments that will be at Ukrainian Creative Stories.


3 months are left before Ukrainian Creative Stories, which will be held on May 28-30 in Kyiv, and the organizers are already getting ready to conquer you this year. Young specialists promised to experiment and they succeed in it.


“We want the project to truly match the new name. Stories is about digital, about the continuous connection of the event and the smartphone. People now do not divide life into real and virtual, therefore we should be in trend and complement the festivals with digital opportunities”- comments by Arthur Barabanov, Vladimir Lobyak, Ilya Markov, Nikita K, founders of Ukrlogika.


Now the young UCS team is developing many activities that will digitalize the event: Chatbot, Instagram mask, AR, online voting, etc.


Follow news, details will be announced soon.

02 June 2020

Results for video production companies based on the results of the Ukrainian Creative Awards 2020

All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition has announced the results of Ukrainian Creative Awards 2020 contests for production companies in Ukraine.

01 June 2020

National Ranking of Creativity and Craft of Communication Agencies 2020

All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition announced results of the National Ranking of Creativity and Craft of Communication Agencies 2020. ISD Group became the Most Creative Communication Agency in Ukraine.

29 May 2020

Results of WOW DONE AWARDS 2020

The International Festival of Marketing and PR Communications WOW DONE AWARDS 2020 has announced the results. The Grand Prix of the festival got the project #Date_With_Art, created by Postmen.