Ukrainian Creative Stories will be held at the UBI Conference Hall

12 February 2020

Ukrainian Creative Stories will be held at the UBI Conference Hall

In November, the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition announced that Ukrainian Creative Awards would be upgraded and firstly will change its name: since 2020, the annual event will be called Ukrainian Creative Stories. 


The three day event will be held at UBI Conference Hall. Three floors are rented for the event, which will allow sharing zones for lectures, networking and entertainment.


Ukrainian Creative Stories will be held on the 5-7 floors of the UBI Conference Hall.

On the fifth floor, guests will be met by the receptionists, lounge and food court.

The lecture hall will be located on the sixth floor.

On the seventh floor there will be awards ceremonies and parties.


Also on the location of the entire event will be a lot of activity in which everyone can participate.


To be a part of Ukrainian Creative Stories, please, follow updates. See you at UCS 2020 on 28-30 May!


27 February 2020

Meet KIAF 2020 Design Jury

The Organizing Committee of the Kyiv International Advertising Festival announces the first names of jury members of Design & Branding, Print, OOH team. This year, experts from Europe, Asia and North America will choose the most creative design projects.

03 February 2020

Refresh Ukrainian Creative Awards

The All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition brought together young professionals to update Ukrainian Creative Awards and turn into Ukrainian Creative Stories.